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"Cloud Is the Future Game Platform So Get Ready For Cloud Gaming"

The game developers may soon be ready to welcome the console or PC game cloud-based, at least according to a German developer Crytek, which is the studio behind the success of Crysis series.

Cloud gaming will slowly come to the surface, with two main services, namely OnLive and Gaikai, which offers the ability to play games through an online infrastructure, where this game actually running on the PC, while the gameplay is actually being streamed to web browsers in which users can enjoy it. Cool description about cloud gaming here.

While the ongoing debate about the service (cloud gaming), Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli is confident that this is the future of gaming, but if the game will only be optimized for cloud gaming.

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Gadget On Review:HP Also Prepare Cloud Based Music Service

Hewlett-Packard (HP) ready to challenge Google, Amazon and Apple with cloud based music service storage, which lets users access their music collections anywhere. HP are negotiating with a number of major music labels for these services (cloud based music service). Although still too early to know exactly what kind of service, HP reportedly will be presenting the cloud based music service, movies and television shows.

Another than cloud based music service by HP

U.S. media indicated HP will provide a simple service, which lets users store their music files and movies on the internet. In addition, it could be the user will also enjoy streaming music and movies without having to download the files concerned. Another rumor circulating also mentions that HP will provide an online music store. More movement made by HP on their cloud based music service.

However, this discourse seems to still take a long time to be realized. The reason, HP itself can not ensure that a service like what they want to provide.