Gadget Reviews On Nokia Symbian Anna | Symbian Anna Updated

Get Your Nokia Symbian Anna in July

Gadget Reviews On Nokia Symbian Anna | Symbian Anna Updated - At the Nokia Connection 2011 event today, Nokia is not only released the phone N9 MeeGo only. The company also did not forget the loyal customers who also use the Symbian^3 which will be updated to Symbian Anna in July.

Symbian Anna

This means users N8, C7, C6-01 and E7 will feel more calm because of the new Symbian Anna will support their phones. All new Symbian phone from Nokia will be installed Symbian Anna applications before it will be sent to the users in various countries. Wow the new updated all around world made by Nokia here.

Reviews Of Nokia N9 | N9 As The Future Innovation | Nokia N9

N9 as Nokia Preview for Future Innovation

Reviews Of Nokia N9 | N9 As The Future Innovation | Nokia N9 - Nokia has just unveiled their latest smart phone based MeeGo OS, N9. Specifically, Nokia said N9 as a future picture of the vendor in terms of design.

"N9 describes the innovations of Nokia in the future, such as industrial design, user interface (UI) which is more flexible, as well as focus confirmation nokia on Qt," said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, while opening Nokia Connection, at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Nokia N9 introduces an innovative new design, which replaces the home button with a simple movement: swipe. No matter where you are in an application, swipe from the edge of the screen will take you to the main screen.

Samsung Chrome OS | Samsung Netbook Series 5

Samsung Netbook Series 5, Chrome OS Netbook from Samsung

Samsung Chrome OS | Samsung Netbook Series 5 - As previously announced at Google I / O summit, Amazon and Best Buy started shipping the Samsung Netbook Series 5 is designed specifically to operate Chrome OS system.

Samsung is one of two companies which is selected to be a partner in the launch of Google Chrome OS that gives the freedom of browsing for consumers other than Acer.

What on Samsung Netbook Series 5

Samsung Netbook Series 5 produced by South Korean companies are available in two different configurations. In addition, Samsung Netbook Series 5 also offers a wide range of colors that draw on the newest netbook.

Newest Gadget Google Phone | Google Phone 2012

The newest Google Phone Ready to Roll In The End of 2012

Newest Gadget Google Phone | Google Phone 2012 - Google allegedly was preparing his third-generation Android smartphone (Google Phone). Some media claimed the internet giant from Mountain View's will be released the newest Google Phone at the end of 2012. Wow another great gadget made by Google here.

Google Phone inside

What on the latest Google Phone will be something different with the last samrt phone. Google will not likely use the name of the Nexus as the two previous models. Some news around on this new Google Phone, also claims the new Google phone will use Krait 28nm chips Snapdragon processor or OMAP 4460 and it is would be different from last rumors which told new Google Phone use NVIDIA Kal-El as the initial speculation. So different with all speculation about the processor that will be use on this smart phone.

Newest Review: Cloud Gaming | Cloud Gaming Platform

"Cloud Is the Future Game Platform So Get Ready For Cloud Gaming"

The game developers may soon be ready to welcome the console or PC game cloud-based, at least according to a German developer Crytek, which is the studio behind the success of Crysis series.

Cloud gaming will slowly come to the surface, with two main services, namely OnLive and Gaikai, which offers the ability to play games through an online infrastructure, where this game actually running on the PC, while the gameplay is actually being streamed to web browsers in which users can enjoy it. Cool description about cloud gaming here.

While the ongoing debate about the service (cloud gaming), Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli is confident that this is the future of gaming, but if the game will only be optimized for cloud gaming.

HP Cloud Based Music Service | HP Cloud Music | Cloud Music Service

Gadget On Review:HP Also Prepare Cloud Based Music Service

Hewlett-Packard (HP) ready to challenge Google, Amazon and Apple with cloud based music service storage, which lets users access their music collections anywhere. HP are negotiating with a number of major music labels for these services (cloud based music service). Although still too early to know exactly what kind of service, HP reportedly will be presenting the cloud based music service, movies and television shows.

Another than cloud based music service by HP

U.S. media indicated HP will provide a simple service, which lets users store their music files and movies on the internet. In addition, it could be the user will also enjoy streaming music and movies without having to download the files concerned. Another rumor circulating also mentions that HP will provide an online music store. More movement made by HP on their cloud based music service.

However, this discourse seems to still take a long time to be realized. The reason, HP itself can not ensure that a service like what they want to provide.

AMD Fusion APU Series A | New Computation With AMD Fusion A Series

New Style Computation with AMD Fusion APU Series A

AMD Fusion APU Series A | New Computation With AMD Fusion A Series - AMD announces the next-generation computing mainstream with the launch of AMD Fusion A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (Apus) recently with high performance. AMD Fusion APU Series A from AMD is also capable of providing HD graphics experience, like a supercomputer performance and battery life of more than 10.5 hours.

In-oriented world of digital and visual experience, consumers have a very high priority for appliances that can do some work (multitasking), has great graphics capabilities, playing a game that seemed to live, play videos smoothly, and has the perfect multimedia performance. And these can be found on AMD Fusion.

What AMD Fusion APU A series

To meet these needs, APU Series A from AMD combines up to four x86 CPU core with high-level graphics that support DirectX 11 and up to 400 core Radeon with a HD video playback capabilities in a single chip. What a great improvement made by AMD Fusion A series.

Toshiba Thrive Pre-Order | Toshiba Tablet Thrive Already Opened

Toshiba Thrive Pre-Order Already Opened

Toshiba Thrive Pre-Order | Toshiba Tablet Thrive Already Opened - Tablets from Toshiba, Thrive, now available for pre-order, either directly from Toshiba or through Amazon and Office Depot.

Toshiba Tablet Thrive has a 10.1-inch screen, 1280 x 800 pixel screen, 1 GHz dual-core Tegra 2 CPU, dual-camera (5 megapixels in the back and 2 megapixel camera on the front). OS used by Toshiba's Thrive is Android Honeycomb 3.1.

What on Toshiba Thrive

It could be argued as the difference between Toshiba Thrive with other tablet is a rear surface that is easy to be replaced, also at a cheaper price than other competitors.

Toshiba Thrive price

Toshiba Thrive 8 GB sold for USD429, 99. Then for its 16 GB version selling for USD479 Thrive, 99. While Toshiba 32 GB Thrive sold for USD579, 99. Seems it have low price than other compititors.

iCloud be The New iTunes | Where iTunes

iCloud be The New iTunes | Where iTunes

Word at the street might be,  Apple’s bulletins at Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco tomorrow are actually bound to always be huge. Prefer, iPod vast — industry-changing vast. As Apple has already confirmed, Apple chief executive Steve Job and business enterprise will bring out Mac OS X Lion, the next-generation iOS 5 mobile operating system, and a good solid service described as iCloud. And is particularly iCloud — how iCloud integrates with iOS 5 — definitely has typically the blogosphere abuzz.

For this we tend to shouldn’t “think from iCloud being the new MobileMe, ” Apple’s nowadays back-burnered cloud storage system. Instead, it’s further accurate towards “think from iCloud being the new iTunes. ”

Newest Gadget Reviews: Apple New Mac OS X | Mac OS

Apple Introduce New Mac OS X On Next Week

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will leave off his pain to open the developer conference (WWDC) in San Francisco next week. On this occasion, Jobs reportedly going to release a new operating system for Macs, Lion.

"Steve Jobs and several Apple executives will open WWDC next week," a statement from Apple.

The new Mac OS system

The plan, Jobs will deliver a major speech (keynote speech) before introducing a new development from Apple (new Mac OS), including the Mac OS X operating system as the eighth Mac OS output system or version 10.2.

Not only that, Apple also plans to release a new version of mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad, the IOS 5.

Dual OS Tablet | ViewSonic Dual OS Tablet Review | Android and Windows Tablet

'Dual OS' ViewSonic Tablet Android and Windows

Dual OS Tablet | ViewSonic Dual OS Tablet Review | Android and Windows Tablet - In the Computex 2011 exhibition which held in Taipei, Taiwan, the company ViewSonic displays a dual tablet PC OS which are supported by Intel processors Oak Trail.

This device is capable running Windows 7 as the base OS, but laden with Bluestacks virtualization software, which enables Android and applications related to the Android side by side in a x86 Wintel environment.

"This tablet are strength in hardware and software, and ideal for users who want to have a combination of entertainment and professional needs,"said Alan Chang, a spokesman for ViewSonic.

ViewSonic Dual OS Specification

"This allows the user to switch instantly between two OS without turning off the tablet. Android for simple tasks like browsing the Web and Windows 7 for business applications," he added

Additional specifications include a 10.1-inch screen, 1.5 GHz Z670 Atom processor, 32GB of storage memory, WiFi/Bluetooth/3G and 3500mAh battery.