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Apple's Cloud Music Service Will Launched Next Month?

Gadget News: Apple Cloud Music | Online Music Service | Cloud Music - According to some reports, it was said that next month Apple will launch a cloud-based music service, after they finished the negotiations with the four major record companies.

Cloud-based music service will be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference event on 6 June.

According to the New York Times, the service will allow users to store their music in the cloud. Later the stored music can be heard on different devices, from PCs, cell phones, until the tablet.

Earlier in March, Amazon has also launched a cloud-based music services, such as Cloud and Cloud Drive Player. These services allow users to upload music to Amazon's servers and play them on computers or mobile devices based on Android.

Gadget Reviews: iPhone5 | Convex Lens in iPhone5

iPhone 5 Will Use Convex Lens?

Gadget Reviews: iPhone5 | Convex Lens in iPhone5 - The presence of a fifth-generation iPhone is still shrouded in mystery, from the date of the launch to support technology LTE (long term evolution). Now stuck again rumors that mention iPhone 5 brand-new will use a convex lens as cell phone screen.

Digitimes claims Apple has purchased approximately 200 to 300 glass cutting machine to boost production of convex lenses.

If the news proved true, this is not the first time that Apple uses convex lenses to its product. Previously, Apple used the lens on the old-generation iPod Nano.

In addition to the iPod Nano, Samsung also uses a convex lens for Nexus S smart phones. Samsung claims the decision to use a convex lens is for the convenience of users.

Hack Your Honeycomb Tablet | Gingerbread in Honeycomb Gadget

Did You Realize How Gingerbread 'Tucked' in Honeycomb Tablet

Hack Your Honeycomb Tablet | Gingerbread in Honeycomb - A surprising discovery from a tablet user. He can showed how to turns out Honeycomb (Android 3.0) in your Gingerbread (Android 2.3) interface which is hidden by just doing a simple trick. Gingerbread in Honeycomb Gadget !!!

Users who have known with the identity Graffix0214 on YouTube, he upload a video showing how to present Honeycomb interface in a tablet-based Gingerbread.

To get the Gingerbread interface, you only need to change the sharpness of your LCD to 170 or higher. After that, reboot, and you will get your tablet immediately display the Gingerbread interface.

Meanwhile, if the sharpness of the LCD is set to number 160 or lower, you will get back to the user interface Honeycomb after reboot.

It is so simple, two thumbs for Graffix0214